That's it? - FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

15. april. 2021
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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  • hahaha

    iBarca l 7 liBarca l 7 l27 dager siden
  • They have the cheek to call this futplayers days then give us nothing for the years we have put into the game the only company that takes advantage of there customers instead of rewarding our loyality

    Simon ArmstrongSimon Armstrong29 dager siden
  • Nominated for the "brutally honest videos of 2021".

    Rudraksh 402Rudraksh 40229 dager siden
  • That’s it

    EASY STREETEASY STREET29 dager siden
  • Epic

    CorT3XCorT3X29 dager siden
  • u have no perspective

    Liam KleinLiam Klein29 dager siden
  • Should have called the video Nontent

    Tom MursellTom Mursell29 dager siden
  • It’s just sad how youtubers like nep can’t even get content out of this and it generally pisses me off because it’s their job to entertain and they can’t

    ShadowShadow29 dager siden
  • The subtitles on the preview.... “ what’s up guys, no panthers here”.

    Scott WilliamsScott Williams29 dager siden
  • Idk I stopped playing fifa but not because if this I feel like y’all r under appreciative sum other games don’t bring out new content for 1-2 months and then fifa Doesnt do it for like one or two days and they don’t care abt the community

    RobingotsomecandyRobingotsomecandy29 dager siden
  • That’s it

    Andro RukavinaAndro RukavinaMåned siden
  • That’s it 😔

    Bushmonster12Bushmonster12Måned siden
  • Game play is so bad

    George ZambranoGeorge ZambranoMåned siden
  • Such a rip the people with rttf Davies don't get an upgrade and the people with kehrer don't get an upgrade epithet

    Will TennantWill TennantMåned siden
  • Sad

    Diego RedondoDiego RedondoMåned siden
  • I know alot of you might not like major league baseball, but if you look at how the show do their version of ultimate team it makes fifa look laughable. They released a 45 minute video showcasing the endless amount of objectives and cards you can grind with no money spent. Fifa gives us one silver player to play for all week. Really? Im done with this. If you want to see how a real ultimate team should be done, go check that out. Youd be shocked at the quality and abundance of content. Fifa is a money grab joke.

    Jeremy KJeremy KMåned siden
  • Stfu you always complain stop playing the game if you have a problem stop crying bro

    Josh HopkinsJosh HopkinsMåned siden
  • Me at the end of the video cause of ea : 😐

    Callum PlaysCallum PlaysMåned siden
  • thankfully MLB the Show 21 early access starts tonight

    Kris SmootKris SmootMåned siden
  • i feel bad for manny , he spent 30,000 pounds on fifa and got banned for ea's mistake

    AR GamingAR GamingMåned siden
  • Ea are running out off new ideas for the game why don’t they put in a weekly cup competition but it has to be fair just gold players only

    graham mouldsgraham mouldsMåned siden
  • This video is too long. Ea really gives us too much daily content, they should give us less

    Iustin 01Iustin 01Måned siden
  • Best video yet NEP!

    Angry Christmas babyAngry Christmas babyMåned siden
  • Great title with nothing inside....

    Tsz Ho Evan LAITsz Ho Evan LAIMåned siden
  • The video is under 2 minutes which for nepenthez says a lot. This games done 🥱

    Matty PullinMatty PullinMåned siden
  • This gunna be epic

    MOXparadigmMOXparadigmMåned siden
    • Indeed it was!

      MOXparadigmMOXparadigmMåned siden
  • Thats it? Fifa ultimate team 😂 😂 😂

    Hazhir HunarHazhir HunarMåned siden
  • I opened my prime icon pack and got a FUCKING INZAHGI. That was it for me. Fuck this game. Fuck EA. Fuck it all

    TaniTaniMåned siden
  • New meme incoming

    Marco Lo VersoMarco Lo VersoMåned siden
  • Long vid today nep!

    VortexVortexMåned siden
  • Last year FIFA and Madden ultimate team generated 1.49 billion in profits for EA. 1.49 billion!! And this is what they give us in return.

    Chippsy McStaggerChippsy McStaggerMåned siden
    • You clearly don't understand business lol. EA can make that kind of money by putting out shit products and shit content. By giving them so much money we've inadvertently shown that they can get away with all this and if anything they're afraid they'll lose money if they actually bother and put out good content that's accessible to everyone

      David SimonyanDavid Simonyan29 dager siden
  • W.e I like fifa and will buy it next year..I don't live of the game I make time to play the game when I can only and that's it so I like it

    E. ReysE. ReysMåned siden
  • Nep: "just give us more man" I won't be surprised if EA release Bobby Moore SBC tomorrow just to troll Nep

    syazwan S.syazwan S.Måned siden
    • If that happened we'd all be trolled not just Nep :)

      David SimonyanDavid Simonyan29 dager siden
  • My respect for nepenthez 📈

    l Geo l 04l Geo l 04Måned siden
  • They released new league sbcs

    Zohaib AhmedZohaib AhmedMåned siden

    j tj tMåned siden
  • His has no one said that new league sbcs came out hahahha

    Ryan MelvilleRyan MelvilleMåned siden
  • Nep is such a goat

    E015_Aniket RamanE015_Aniket RamanMåned siden
  • The fact that he makes a video everyday on the content they drop and when they don't he gets mad.

    Connor RConnor RMåned siden
  • Its one day relax lol, everyone expects way too much

    max hoffmanmax hoffmanMåned siden
  • FIFA 20 was way more enjoyable than FIFA 21 for me... and FIFA 20 was dogshit

    Nick GoncalvesNick GoncalvesMåned siden
  • Every time the game gets boring and an icon pack comes out I’ll put all my team apart from a few players into the pack just to have a little restart to make it more fun

    Young HaroldYoung HaroldMåned siden
  • you expect too much it’s not that deep

    Laban freestyleLaban freestyleMåned siden
  • That's it?

    JKJKMåned siden
  • Sook

    Jacob SchembriJacob SchembriMåned siden
  • Its just sad

    alex_pap24alex_pap24Måned siden
  • Ive just spent my 9 mill on prime icon packs. Im done with fifa

    Luke MyszkaLuke MyszkaMåned siden
    • @Luke Myszka Eto'o is actually pretty good. Tell you what you can use your other icons that you're not satisfied with in Prime Moments SBCs like Ballack or Campbell

      David SimonyanDavid Simonyan29 dager siden
    • @David Simonyan did 20 got eto a literally nothing else lmao

      Luke MyszkaLuke Myszka29 dager siden
    • Have fun with Nakata and Moore lol

      David SimonyanDavid Simonyan29 dager siden
  • So happy I didn’t buy this game 🙏

    Mad TingMad TingMåned siden
  • I thought he was joking by the that’s it in the video

    Iby498Iby498Måned siden
  • Nep did you see mannys video really interesting look at the whole prime Moments and market situation and how he’s been transfer banner as a result

    Lewin KeenLewin KeenMåned siden
  • Quit fifa today, gambled on the icon sbc got deco... deleted the game...see you all for fifa 22

    Michael PerdueMichael PerdueMåned siden
  • Brilliant, excellent appraisal of EA’s effort to keep us entertained. Well done Nep, keep up the great work buddy.

    James WhelanJames WhelanMåned siden
  • I just wonder why we are still playing this piece of shit game

    Δημήτρης ΤάνταροςΔημήτρης ΤάνταροςMåned siden
  • If you see a short Nepo video you know there is no content

    Halil AydinHalil AydinMåned siden
  • cry.

    fillyfillyMåned siden
  • so that's it?

    Marshall89HDMarshall89HDMåned siden
  • It shows how annoyed he is when he hasn’t even made a thumbnail

    Jack SmithJack SmithMåned siden
  • Got schmeichel but i have his moments

    Julian KJulian KMåned siden
  • first video from neppo clips what a banger

    Ashley BlayAshley BlayMåned siden
  • Incoming the *Thats it?* promo 😂

    DercamemmDercamemmMåned siden
  • Surely something huge is gonna come out soon right? They havent been putting out much content this week

    Joe SmithJoe SmithMåned siden
  • He complains a lot

    USER 420USER 420Måned siden
  • W from you Nep .

    Rxcky {DUSA}Rxcky {DUSA}Måned siden
  • INSANE lack of content 😉

    Matip El MatipMatip El MatipMåned siden
  • Best vid on the channel imo

    steve stevesteve steveMåned siden
  • I was so confused, thought I might have mixed up the time zones or something

    Night King 48Night King 48Måned siden
  • Fifa prepare their content so nep can fill a 10 min video

    djmorley718djmorley718Måned siden
  • Tbh why should there be new Content everyday 🤔 Sometimes I miss the days where every Team didnt have millions of colours

    AlonsoAlonsoMåned siden
  • Petition for Nep to start a Draft when there's no content.

    Aniruddh ChhatreAniruddh ChhatreMåned siden
    • EA ruined that too

      David SimonyanDavid Simonyan29 dager siden
  • Yikes.

    RagnarokRagnarokMåned siden
  • Neps now doing #shorts on his main channel as well😂

    Rob TheNobRob TheNobMåned siden
  • I would have zero issue with this amount of content if I knew something was coming over the weekend

    Xander OneeightsevenXander OneeightsevenMåned siden
  • The minute you saw the title you could see the future and know what nep was thinking

    Mr BFCMr BFCMåned siden
  • I’ve watched this daily vid for longer than I’ve known my parents (jk) but god I’ve been waiting for this vid for what seems like longer

    bob winstonbob winstonMåned siden
  • Each day I look forward to watch Nep’s video on the daily content, but today I feel sorry for you. This is totally disrespectful from EA. Support from Italy Nep - keep it going ❤️

    Samuele BoveSamuele BoveMåned siden
  • i used to enjoy fifa, but honestly it's just a dead game. i did 3 icon packs yesterday and got 3 del pierros in a row. how is that even possible.

    josh xjosh xMåned siden
  • When you thought ea couldn’t get any lazier

    PochongoJPochongoJMåned siden
  • We need icons sbc players

    Firas KaroutFiras KaroutMåned siden
  • So funny how little ea care. That title is a masterclass

    Jack RiseleyJack RiseleyMåned siden
  • Absolutely love it. All of Nep’s videos should be this long! ❤️👍😂

    Chris AthertonChris AthertonMåned siden
  • i love this!!! we are all pissed and that's it

    saif19840saif19840Måned siden
  • Joking aside Nep and in all seriousness Nep without doubt the greatest NOtown video you have ever done 10/10 Nep

    peter 3:16peter 3:16Måned siden
  • What are they even doing man? I've never quit Fifa early..But I literally don't have the desire to turn it on..

    Alberto StaicuAlberto StaicuMåned siden
  • When the vid is 1:34 You know its going to be quality

    BoquanBoquanMåned siden
  • Fair play to EA.. they know I've got exams coming up so they're making it easy for me to not play the game 👏👏

    Liam MLiam MMåned siden
  • Fastest fifa video ever lmao.

    Angel RamirezAngel RamirezMåned siden
  • I fucking hate this game lol

    Ok AlrightOk AlrightMåned siden
    • Just love everything about soccer, this just fucking blows as a game, so sick of my defenders getting assists terrible gameplay

      Ok AlrightOk AlrightMåned siden
  • That's what she said

    Nathan DrakeNathan DrakeMåned siden
  • That’s it?

    Logan BarreroLogan BarreroMåned siden
  • Hahaha 😂😂😂

    Guido Van BusselGuido Van BusselMåned siden
  • Respect

    Jotaro JoestarJotaro JoestarMåned siden
  • W Upload

    Maurice StolkaMaurice StolkaMåned siden
  • Video so short i thought it was a shorts video

    Ug9ndaaUg9ndaaMåned siden
  • Is it just me or this patvh ruined defending . My defenders are everywhere

    Ug9ndaaUg9ndaaMåned siden
  • Nep's titles are just second to none

    GTommoGTommoMåned siden
  • Quality video 👌 best one yet

    Tom VialsTom VialsMåned siden
  • That video still lasted longer than me

    Kaka JoonKaka JoonMåned siden
  • Shortest Vid Ever lol

    LuqmaanLuqmaanMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😅

    DonniDon ChampionDonniDon ChampionMåned siden
  • In the wise words of Dakotaz: that's it I quit.

    John SmithJohn SmithMåned siden