11. april. 2021
128 379 Ganger

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
Prime Icon Moment Drogba SBC, Prime Icon Moment Campbell SBC, Prime Icon Moment Pirlo SBC,
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    George DopriGeorge Dopri29 dager siden
  • Overall you can't play with Drogba pirlo and comapbell with awfull ea server

    zabi aleezabi aleeMåned siden
  • Got sol campbell out of the mid or prime pick. Hes an absolute rock at the back. As long as its no nonsense at the back, theres not been a better centre half ive user this year

    RiddersRiddersMåned siden
  • campbell is sick

    BRUHBRUHMåned siden
  • I did Campbell and there was 2 for 1 packs on Xbox

    Alex HarrisAlex HarrisMåned siden
  • Where’s his new vid for the day ??

    Christopher TombolisChristopher TombolisMåned siden
    • @thatguyanonymous but still sad

      Christopher TombolisChristopher TombolisMåned siden
    • no point. there was no content today

      thatguyanonymousthatguyanonymousMåned siden
  • Who else saw jj talkin bout w2s then searched him up

    RedRumRedRumMåned siden
  • Anyone waiting?

    Daniel AguirreDaniel AguirreMåned siden
  • Anyone waiting

    VenusoVenusoMåned siden
    • @Ka Me that’s why I didn’t know

      VenusoVenusoMåned siden
    • For what? Did they even release anything lmao

      Ka MeKa MeMåned siden
  • Inbredthez

    Grrr RtyupGrrr RtyupMåned siden
  • Turn subtitles on it’s an absolute treat

    Declan PlattDeclan PlattMåned siden
  • Anyone used pirlo?

    Zaid AhmedZaid AhmedMåned siden
  • Done the Pirlo sap with fodder last night, playing him at CAM , to me it’s a very usable card , definitely good good fun to use .

    mark lmark lMåned siden
  • When are they gonna give us good icons

    ArchieArchieMåned siden
  • I’m in the middle of my arsenal p+p but that soo Campbell is so expensive what is going on

    Bertie LaneBertie LaneMåned siden
  • I dont get EA’s logic with Icons. Pirlo is known for being one of the best passers of the ball that has lived, just give him 99 passing. Like what harm would that actually do?

    OllieSuttonOllieSuttonMåned siden
  • I have already done pirlo. He's my idol so i coulndn't not do him

    The Lizard KingThe Lizard KingMåned siden
  • doing drogba unless the next icon pack is a good one

    Cameron RomanikCameron RomanikMåned siden
  • I did prime moments kluivert if I waited like a month I could have got prime moments drogba wtf

    Will TennantWill TennantMåned siden
  • I made Drogba no matter what İ have him prime anyway I really love that Chelsea beast

    sukriye ustasukriye ustaMåned siden
  • Why would you boost Campbells physicals 😂😂

    Rai CarRai CarMåned siden
  • All you clones playing five at the back just go kiss your dad goodnight you urghhhhhh

    Singh SonghSingh SonghMåned siden
  • I went back and had a look at the icon SBC's on FUT 19. An 83 rated squad would most often give you a mega pack as the reward. It only takes an 89 rated squad to warrant that reward. EA suck the good out of pretty much anything they can. Nice to see new icons at least.

    Callum WoodwardCallum WoodwardMåned siden
  • We had 2 for 1 lightning rounds, that’s why someone said “look at the shop” but you missed them

    Simon GoodwinSimon GoodwinMåned siden
  • For me personally campbell was the best cb I used last year

    Bob WayneBob WayneMåned siden
  • Garbage these icons simple as that! Why don’t they release the likes of Carlos Alberto, Rio, Puskas, that range of player as it’s April 🤷‍♂️

    Tabasco SiTabasco SiMåned siden
    • @Tabasco Si But the thing is people wanna get rid of meta by any means plus they are fan of these icons I don't understand ea all icons should be equal some are trash some are excellent they are icons better than our all current players then why do they make all icons unequal for example del piero was excellent in real life but in game he is not good make all icons equal like Drogba, del piero should be as good as pele,r9 in fifa but the stupid company if ea doesn't care why should we even bother if all icons were good as pele then yu can use any icons and their will be variations in squad so no meta would exist at all.

      Deepesh Kumar PandeyDeepesh Kumar PandeyMåned siden
    • @Deepesh Kumar Pandey they don’t fit the meta!! Drogba is too clunky. Campbell isn’t needed because everyone uses full backs. Pirlo is way off the power curve when it comes to Cams.

      Tabasco SiTabasco SiMåned siden
    • They aren't trash if yu use them correctly

      Deepesh Kumar PandeyDeepesh Kumar PandeyMåned siden
  • wanted an englishman to link hart rooney and tav, a week later campbell comes out as an icon sbc, nice timing ea

    Alexandros KanellopoulosAlexandros KanellopoulosMåned siden
    • @RBMonty I would if I had the green for him

      Alexandros KanellopoulosAlexandros KanellopoulosMåned siden
    • Get Rio u melt

      RBMontyRBMontyMåned siden
  • I genuinely don't mind the icons they've dropped, I just wish they'd stick to a schedule to drop them because grinding for icons is why I play still

    wheely 564wheely 564Måned siden
  • I’d put a maestro on it cuz I don’t know what I’m talking about

    Alex PartridgeAlex PartridgeMåned siden
  • That Drogba is stupid overpriced on the market and sbc, I've used and played a giant Drogba and he just isn't it

    Reegan PudlichReegan PudlichMåned siden
  • I will do Sol Campbell because I hate the full back meta. Its just so stupid that fullbacks are better cb than a real cb, and I find more enjoyment to play real.

    Carl GrönqvistCarl GrönqvistMåned siden
  • mid pirlo was a good player for me for awhile if anyone cares

    HeyublueupHeyublueupMåned siden
  • Is drogba worth doing?

    By LemonadeBy LemonadeMåned siden
  • I just want that Pirlo... shouldn’t have done the Vidal early this week. But then again, I want Pirlo because I love him so much as a player.

    Peter DawoudPeter DawoudMåned siden
  • Arsenal fans still exist?

    TaniTaniMåned siden
  • Not a Juve fan but still doing Pirlo, as a CM i dont think he needs pace necessarily and he's got that 5* that i need and also icon links so i can fit in Mbabu

    Audify.24sAudify.24sMåned siden
  • Just packed PIM Tony Blair I’m so happy!

    na dats wrongna dats wrongMåned siden
  • Are they ever gonna release an actual icon pack sbc. It’s been a full month since the last one

    xd-_-Isaacxd-_-IsaacMåned siden
  • Nep, I feel like, if u have the opportunity to do the loan cards of players, y don't u do player reviews so that u can try these players out and have a feel for how they play beyond what the stats may suggest? even if ur perception about these icons doesn't change, at least u had played with them to see how they really were

    DaBassBossDaBassBossMåned siden
  • Getting excited over a game riddled with DDA lmao

    DogeatdogDogeatdogMåned siden
  • Who tf is purlow ? 🤣

    liam williamsliam williamsMåned siden
  • So what’s going on with the shop then

    Andrey CastellanosAndrey CastellanosMåned siden
  • pirlo at CAM to get link with FUT Birthday Bernardeschi at ST 😍

    Preet BPreet BMåned siden
  • Ramadan kit im doing it haha

    Partybuff BuffPartybuff BuffMåned siden
  • I just did Kluivert maybe 8 or 9 days ago, with Huntelaar and Rooney sadly on the bench, I don't think I'll do Drogba yet but I might do Campbell to finally get rid of Gomez who I just sub off anyways lol

    Nyctopath _Nyctopath _Måned siden
    • @Nyctopath _ yeah as I said he is really good just a little bit slow

      Matthes 1414Matthes 1414Måned siden
    • @Matthes 1414 I don't care, I don't want to play with Gomez any more lol

      Nyctopath _Nyctopath _Måned siden
    • I did Campbell he fits perfect in my team and is very good. But you have to know ingame he feels like 70 Pace and not 83. But in Defending he is a beast

      Matthes 1414Matthes 1414Måned siden
  • EA should do a promo for Muslim players during Ramadan cause there's a LOT! Would be soo cool! Just like we have Futmas/Freeze

    MilanMilanMåned siden
    • Should do a milestones at least. Us irish got one on paddy's day so is only fair

      O.OGÉireO.OGÉireMåned siden
  • I’m gonna do the Campbell SBC just for the satisfaction of discarding him.. Judas

    James FernandesJames FernandesMåned siden
    • You can just buy the cheapest version then....

      i am a shoei am a shoeMåned siden
    • @Justin from Bayern

      DylanThfcDylanThfcMåned siden
    • London is red

      JustinJustinMåned siden
    • Dedication right here

      Russel From upRussel From upMåned siden
  • Bought pirlo last week for 750k😢

    John QuigleyJohn QuigleyMåned siden
  • How else doin pirlo?

    Arham NiaziArham NiaziMåned siden
  • Doing Pirlo. Fits perfectly! Love him!

    Angelo GiovinazzoAngelo GiovinazzoMåned siden
  • I don’t know if to do neres or not is he good

    ECX BlindzECX BlindzMåned siden
    • Yes he’s sick

      Jude MiltonJude MiltonMåned siden
  • Puyol and cambell and van dijk at cb reckon that would do a job ?

    Liamd474Liamd474Måned siden
    • It's not bad, puyol and Campbell may get caught on the ball and might make some misplaced passes but they're both great physically and aerially and Campbell has decent pace, I'd look to upgrade puyol

      M DM DMåned siden
  • I’ll be getting that Pirlo so underrated and a sick card

    InxyfishyInxyfishyMåned siden
    • Same he looks so fun to use

      AB7 FifaAB7 FifaMåned siden
    • Hey actually good. I m In div 1 and I still use his baby card as a box to box cm with a shadow. He's quality on the ball and can actually win it back

      Will HayesWill HayesMåned siden
  • Have they released an ex arsenal player each icon sbc for PIM now? Feel nep says biased for the releases every time 😂

    D JD JMåned siden
  • Allready did pirlo 🇷🇸🇮🇹

    Mitr0Mitr0Måned siden
  • Damn ramadan is near just when i start getting my gains back

    AhmadAhmadMåned siden
  • Disappointed I did renato, I want drogba badly

    sabrrftbsabrrftbMåned siden
  • Drogba or Kluivert ? Kluivert is much cheaper and submitted an 86 rated squad in Kluivert What do you think I should do ?

    Ahmad RefaatAhmad RefaatMåned siden
    • finish kluivert if u started him

      Tom AcimovicTom AcimovicMåned siden
  • Just wanna remind you that in fifa 19 you could do a cruyff icon moments sbc in march 2019. We are in april and have drogba

    sxmsxmMåned siden
    • Dont forget they also dropped pirlo 🙄🙄🙄

      Tim RogersTim RogersMåned siden
  • once again EA releasing some of the worst possible icon moments....

    Ersy VErsy VMåned siden
  • I have to do him for my past and present Chelsea I done makelele last week we'll best hope for high rated objective cards

    Itss Just AceItss Just AceMåned siden
  • Drogba still not op even with those stats none op players you can safely remove -15 stats off each stat

    EvoXXX BihEvoXXX BihMåned siden
  • Al the icons this year are complete shit!! What happen ea you used to give us great players in other fifas now its all shit!!!!

    EvoXXX BihEvoXXX BihMåned siden
  • Pirlo joins my club till the end

    ThezekstuffThezekstuffMåned siden
  • i’m deciding whether i should do campbell or puyol. who should i dooo

    Potato SavagePotato SavageMåned siden
    • @Chameleon Ekraorg i know that,he is a decent defender

      Nahiyan MahmudNahiyan MahmudMåned siden
    • @Nahiyan Mahmud he is good but nothing breathtaking. 7/10

      Chameleon EkraorgChameleon EkraorgMåned siden
    • @Zak L wdym puyol is trash,he is good with a fast defender beside him.Maybe you use fast defenders alot ,as a result u say him trash,or you cant defend without a fast rb

      Nahiyan MahmudNahiyan MahmudMåned siden
    • campbell i have used puyol and he is trash

      Zak LZak LMåned siden
  • Milan kit was out yesterday

    Daz SweetzDaz SweetzMåned siden
  • That 50 balance and agility on campbell must be super fun with everyone spamming thru balls. Super ideal to have a box truck as a cb. No thanks. Why didnt you do henry if you are such a big arsenal supporter. Hes been in my starting squad since i got him. Im nep i dont care about the meta. Please.

    Jeremy KJeremy KMåned siden
    • The game is complete shit, the community is complete shit. Nep flips and flops every other day depending on his mood if he likes a new card or not. Not mad just fed up with this complete shit game.

      Jeremy KJeremy KMåned siden
    • You OK bro? You seem real mad

      M DM DMåned siden
  • Idk where they get 5* skill moves on Pirlo

    Gioele ElerdiniGioele ElerdiniMåned siden
  • I'm doing makelele rn lol him and zambrotta best value imo

    Karam AKaram AMåned siden
    • @Zamo ive got claude hes outstanding was thinking zambrotta and put him in cb

      Danny GallagherDanny GallagherMåned siden
    • They really are

      ZamoZamoMåned siden
  • 9:44

    Павле СтошићПавле СтошићMåned siden
  • You know the game is dead when people are using fullbacks at CB instead of prime icons and TOTY’s

    Mad TingMad TingMåned siden
    • Yeah they needa find a way to fix that it’s breaking the game

      Wacks6Wacks6Måned siden
  • Where the fuck are icon packs

    Ted RoweTed RoweMåned siden
  • What’s up guys nepenthez. Here

    Branden EdneyBranden EdneyMåned siden
  • Drogba down to 1.4mil on ps

    tmobereolatmobereolaMåned siden
  • i'll do Pirlo cuz im a Juve fan so why not, he s very cheap also

    Philip MolPhilip MolMåned siden
  • He missed the 2for1 jumbo rare player packs in the store lol

    Michael Scott Paper CompanyMichael Scott Paper CompanyMåned siden
  • These aren’t the icons we wanted tho... seriously. Would it kill them to give us a Pele?

    RobFut 99RobFut 99Måned siden
    • Spend 10 million and some 90 rated icons in the sbc then end your fodder

      Deepesh Kumar PandeyDeepesh Kumar PandeyMåned siden
    • Are you prepared to splash 10 mill on a pele sbc ?

      1Gov1GovMåned siden
  • Honest answer Who still plays fifa 21?

    Just JJust JMåned siden
  • I’m using Kante and what if Glendouse (spelling) and feel they are both to defensive maybe this Pirlo would be nice to use with either 1 of them?

    JediRabbitJediRabbitMåned siden
  • As a proud Irishman I’ve got to get that Drogba

    Alex SevicAlex SevicMåned siden
  • This guy is fast

    Rohit MehtaRohit MehtaMåned siden
  • I love the Ramadan themed things!

    Aabid N27Aabid N27Måned siden
  • I’m fucking pissed off. I’ve saved up coins for weeks to get his prime card and straight after I buy him they release this sbc. Now he’s gone down 150k less than what I bought him for.

    Yiannis MinasYiannis MinasMåned siden
  • pa to

    Vuk SladojevićVuk SladojevićMåned siden
  • EA even ruined chem styles for us.

    Paul DPaul DMåned siden
  • I'm doing pirlo babt

    the Lego Star Wars hubthe Lego Star Wars hubMåned siden
  • Finaly new irish icon sbc🙌

    Cider89Cider89Måned siden
  • Pirlo is a beast, he'll be a really fun card to use. At the end of the day this is a game, it's all about having fun, right?

    Connor RConnor RMåned siden
    • @Athletix 123 i'm telling you, i didnt buy fifa 21 but when I got my hands on moments pirlo in fifa 20, that was probably the most fun I ever had while playing the game. i loved him when he played so having that connection to him, he played so well for me. i totally agree that u should try players that aren't necessarily the best stats-wise but that you have a connection with in some way

      DaBassBossDaBassBossMåned siden
    • @Connor R exactly! People should use fun and unique cards, instead of just following the meta, so everyone end up having the same team. I think that is one of the main reason Why most people drop off months before the next game.

      Athletix 123Athletix 123Måned siden
    • @Athletix 123 it's a shame how many good cards get pushed to one side cos they're not "meta".

      Connor RConnor RMåned siden
    • My man is bilingual; speaking both English and Facts!

      Athletix 123Athletix 123Måned siden
  • Nep... thoughts on EA never accepting any fault or fixing things which are clearly wrong? Mistakes are fine but feel like they purposely take the piss to see how much they can get away with

    JB1878JB1878Måned siden
    • @M D trying

      JB1878JB1878Måned siden
    • You OK bro?

      M DM DMåned siden
  • That ramadan Kit 🔥

    Blue WombatYTBlue WombatYTMåned siden
  • I don't play to mutch anymore, but afther this icon sbc's i'm sure i don't buy fifa 22, it's to hard to play with players you like😂😂

    Guido Van BusselGuido Van BusselMåned siden
  • If You Think that is expensive then how much do You Think R9 would be if he was released in sbc that would be more expensive and probably needs more icons just to finish the other objectives to do his sbc

    teknul89teknul89Måned siden
  • Inshallah we gonna get a great Ramadan for all my muslims❤

    GODSENT yuKiiGODSENT yuKiiMåned siden
  • Packed that Drogba 2 weeks ago in a premium gold players packs

    In. ErnestIn. ErnestMåned siden
    • Would you pay 1.2 million for him!?

      Danny GallagherDanny GallagherMåned siden
  • I have baby cambell in my team and now the sbc of his moments is out Should i just keep his baby or do the moments ?

    jamal bahrijamal bahriMåned siden
    • @Athletix 123 yeah true thanks

      jamal bahrijamal bahriMåned siden
    • @jamal bahri but if you really want him, 100% go for it. It should be you and only you making the calls!

      Athletix 123Athletix 123Måned siden
    • @Athletix 123 true true he would be a grind for me to get him

      jamal bahrijamal bahriMåned siden
    • Depends on your fodder volume, he isn’t the cheapest SBC out there...

      Athletix 123Athletix 123Måned siden
  • Big Sol deffo joining my club for the Arsenal team

    JordynJordynMåned siden
  • Got to respect how they did some think for Ramadan

    How about The number 53How about The number 53Måned siden
    • @Nahiyan Mahmud oh OK thats good

      How about The number 53How about The number 53Måned siden
    • @How about The number 53 i think they did one for eid,i remember there was something of our festival

      Nahiyan MahmudNahiyan MahmudMåned siden
    • @Nahiyan Mahmud I don't remember last season one

      How about The number 53How about The number 53Måned siden
    • some think lol

      GeebertGeebertMåned siden
    • they do it every season

      Nahiyan MahmudNahiyan MahmudMåned siden
  • I like how EA has started respecting Ramadan in FIFA

    Ibrahim ShahidIbrahim ShahidMåned siden
    • How?

      Athletix 123Athletix 123Måned siden
  • Gerrard would have been the one. I don't want any of these new icons lol 🤣

    Dave ThomsonDave ThomsonMåned siden
    • @Danny Gallagher No idea 😟

      Dave ThomsonDave ThomsonMåned siden
    • Any idea when the next lot will be out

      Danny GallagherDanny GallagherMåned siden
  • Inter Milan 4th kit was already there

    Reece BrandishReece BrandishMåned siden