2. juli. 2020
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  • You guys may want Dembele to win but tbh if you COMPARE him (87ver+6stats Min) and Maximin (88ver+5stats Min) then it is so OBVIOUS that if Maximin can win his card would be so insane. 99agility&balance, 99shot power. 99acceleration & sprint speed. His stamina would be 90+whereas if Dembele wins you guys will still COMPLAIN about his stamina and physical.

    Biku BBiku B10 måneder siden
  • Saint maximin is a baller.

    AzzaDeeAzzaDee10 måneder siden
  • Jesus why wouldn't you give the fella a free win

    Sean 1997Sean 199710 måneder siden
  • saint-maximin

    Erase SmokeErase Smoke10 måneder siden
  • Saint maximim

    Luke MolmansLuke Molmans10 måneder siden
  • Saint maximan Newcastle fan

    Henry HoganHenry Hogan10 måneder siden
  • Summer heat voting day got ter stages from pack and a 194 fut draft, so worth it

    Representing NorfolkRepresenting Norfolk10 måneder siden
  • I voted for Munier coz no one will 🤣

    Harsha VermaHarsha Verma10 måneder siden
  • Dembele

    Ppedal70 BPpedal70 B10 måneder siden
  • I want dembele even though Newcastle fan cause saint Maximan has been really good this season and dembele hasn't got many special card

    Xmas xmasXmas xmas10 måneder siden
  • Spurs vs Everton every blooming week it feels!

    James SummersJames Summers10 måneder siden
  • Saint maxim

    Alex MckeeverAlex Mckeever10 måneder siden
  • I think dembele will win

    Ronan DempseyRonan Dempsey10 måneder siden
  • Dembele should win he's not got a big card . He's only got his champions League card.

    jayashree Spjayashree Sp10 måneder siden
  • Why do you keep thinking people will win based on their cards? EVERY SINGLE TIME it's the highest rated person that wins. It always has been and always will be

    Zvi ReubenZvi Reuben10 måneder siden
  • Whaddup biiiiyatcchhhhhh

  • Dembele

    Victor SveistrupVictor Sveistrup10 måneder siden
  • Meunier would be a sick card, perfect link to flashback witsel

    Kieran BarryKieran Barry10 måneder siden
  • I voted for Dembele because I had the thought for playing him as striker with 5/5 and 99 pace his going to be fck endgame

    Wilderson JcjWilderson Jcj10 måneder siden
  • I voted for Meunier but I don’t really care who wins as I’m on holiday by the time they release the winner

    Peter BelsagerPeter Belsager10 måneder siden
  • Everyone pls vote dembele, he would be such a insane card to use especially at cam which can be converted to striker even

    Didi SoyDidi Soy10 måneder siden
  • If Dembele don’t win he won’t stop playing Fortnite

    DRIPSAUCEDRIPSAUCE10 måneder siden
    • 😂😂Lol

      Fifa star Top 5Fifa star Top 510 måneder siden
  • Imagine meunir win the vote

    sphinx 321sphinx 32110 måneder siden
  • Dembele

    Bushmonster12Bushmonster1210 måneder siden
  • I did that premium pack sbc and got Shapeshifter Ribery. Insane luck.

    Chippsy McStaggerChippsy McStagger10 måneder siden
  • I went with Dembele as well

    Jonathan RiendeauJonathan Riendeau10 måneder siden
  • What i mean i got 86 rated team bought same one 3 timea would it work

    Keith SutherlandKeith Sutherland10 måneder siden
  • What is batch two?

    AJC musicAJC music10 måneder siden
  • Meunier for that link to Witsel!!

    Matt GMatt G10 måneder siden
  • DEMBELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ryanator_109ryanator_10910 måneder siden
  • I’m not too bothered who wins tbh. Both cards will be banging and both are easily linkable for my team

    Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton10 måneder siden
  • I want saint-maximin

    Luca BertiLuca Berti10 måneder siden
  • We already have tons of La Liga RM/RW what we need is CBs

    Marcelo GomezMarcelo Gomez10 måneder siden
  • Plzzzz let dembele win

    Nicola LeredeNicola Lerede10 måneder siden
  • Nep look at the kiyan prince foundation objective u haven’t noticed a great cause

    Jack GamblinJack Gamblin10 måneder siden
  • Maximinn💕

    BURSUCBURSUC10 måneder siden
  • Im voting for dembele, cuz there's a futbirthday griezmann who's in CAM position, and if u start them together they'll hyper linked and be banging

    Zan ioZan io10 måneder siden
  • Munier

    Br brBr br10 måneder siden
  • Voted Saint Maximan as my squad is based around the Premier league

    C OC O10 måneder siden
  • Dislike for that vote

    James GolightlyJames Golightly10 måneder siden
  • If you vote Saint Maximin and he wins then you got yourself a filthy, dirty player who will drop everyone Ingame.

    RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • Maximin cause there are too many cams

    TheFifaMeerkat YtTheFifaMeerkat Yt10 måneder siden
  • Does anybody know how to change commentary on FIFA 20 pc FUT? Thanks

    Dimitrije ZelenbabaDimitrije Zelenbaba10 måneder siden
  • Dembele will be cheaper , maximin will probably cost over 1 mil

    boussaida syrineboussaida syrine10 måneder siden
  • Im doing kimpembe to replace my 90 militao i actually did the sbc same with alex sandro neither of them get in my team because of chem two of my biggest regrets all year even tho their both brilliant

    Jonesy 33Jonesy 3310 måneder siden
    • Your mad for replacing militao with kimpembe. That's a downgrade.

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • Drafts are mad now

    Harry WadrupHarry Wadrup10 måneder siden
  • Really hope its dembele that wins makes it even better that hes a cam aswell

    Jonesy 33Jonesy 3310 måneder siden
  • Voted dembele cause other dude has a st card already nd meunier is pish

    Jamie RaffanJamie Raffan10 måneder siden
    • Don't disrespect Saint Maximin by calling him 'other dude' he's a baller in real life if you ever watch football.

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden

    GUY SADOWITZGUY SADOWITZ10 måneder siden
  • Dembele and/or Gnabry CAM is what i've wished for since fut birthday

    ItsCrooksItsCrooks10 måneder siden
  • We want premier league players all the time? Other leagues are just boring so vote for maxim

    Josh GordonJosh Gordon10 måneder siden
  • Hey nep just thought id tell you you can get prime icon moments in draft bro i got rio and the spanish center back they are juiced

    Conor Mc MahonConor Mc Mahon10 måneder siden
  • I think dembele will win becuase people who are really casual will just choose the highest rated and also saint has an endgame card, demebele doesn’t

    CJOCJO10 måneder siden
  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Nep: *checks milestones every day*

    Joshua González AstúaJoshua González Astúa10 måneder siden
  • If u don’t vote Saint ur not my friend, but if dembele still wins he will get in my squad 😂🤦‍♂️

    Josh KereJosh Kere10 måneder siden
    • Let's hope ASM wins

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • This promo should be called festival of france

    Aiden OnoniwuAiden Ononiwu10 måneder siden
  • Usually in futties isn’t there a second chance vote? Gonna be interesting who wins that out of kent & dembouz / ASM

    Joe GoldbergJoe Goldberg10 måneder siden
  • I voted for Saint Maximin because of the position change. Would have voted for dembele tho if they made him a LW

    Joe GoldbergJoe Goldberg10 måneder siden
  • I voted for saint maxi. I know he ain’t winning it tho 😔

    ollie cruseollie cruse10 måneder siden
  • Saint maximim

    Haris MazharHaris Mazhar10 måneder siden
  • Dembele

    Abdel Moises ReyesAbdel Moises Reyes10 måneder siden
  • i voted for dembele

    GMan_ YTGMan_ YT10 måneder siden
  • I hate the fact they put dembele in this position nonsense...been waiting on a special RW dembele

    aaricfaaricf10 måneder siden
  • Second time ur facescreen are freeze in the forst seconds 😆

    Inter TKInter TK10 måneder siden
  • I voted Meunier, just because it will be his first Dortmund special card

    Ronan GrayRonan Gray10 måneder siden
  • First minute and he’s moaning again

    Keiran ChestertonKeiran Chesterton10 måneder siden
  • I pick dembele just because I honestly would love his card over Saint

    WendyWendy10 måneder siden
    • Are you mad?

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • If Dembele wins it's going to fit my team perfectly I will sell my 97 Benzema if I have to just to do him but I have loads off foder

    Brilliant SavageBrilliant Savage10 måneder siden
  • In one Draft I got PIM Shevchenco, Sanchez, Essien and Ferdinand

    Jack PatelJack Patel10 måneder siden
  • Casuals will go for Dembele.

    Noah O'GradyNoah O'Grady10 måneder siden
  • DembPELÉ. Enough said

    Kieran Fooking TierneyKieran Fooking Tierney10 måneder siden
  • Kimpembe or sarr?

    Oscar DoneganOscar Donegan10 måneder siden
  • Dembele

    Pranav KalyanpurPranav Kalyanpur10 måneder siden
  • Demba is a no brainier I’ve been using his 84 card as a super sub till today and man he’s good imagine him 93😱😱

    kany fishkany fish10 måneder siden
  • I voted for Dembele. he deserves this card. Maximin has like so many special cards

    Tejas WavhalTejas Wavhal10 måneder siden
    • So what if Saint Maximin has ' like so many special cards' he's a baller and he deserves them unlike dembele.

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • Summer heat has been by far the best promo all fifa, just a shame it’s come right at the end of the game cycle

    MattMatt10 måneder siden
  • Voted for Dembele, but happy with either. Both fit right into my team

    Adam NyboAdam Nybo10 måneder siden
  • Please vote dembele

    TheAnswerTheAnswer10 måneder siden
    • No

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • I assumed dembele would be the favorite, and I am willing to spend all the coins to get him if he wins

    CzarDePalmaFarrCzarDePalmaFarr10 måneder siden
  • I commented because their is currently 499 comments and I have OCD

    AdaptiveGull90AdaptiveGull9010 måneder siden
  • Vote Dembele!

    DuduDudu10 måneder siden
    • No

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • Dembele but we all know he won’t win

    Gareth TudorGareth Tudor10 måneder siden
  • Dembele will win, every time they’ve done a vote the highest rated has won, that’s what casuals do

    Fin O'NeillFin O'Neill10 måneder siden
  • ASM all day. Gucci to win

    John BeechingJohn Beeching10 måneder siden
    • My G

      RM ClipsRM Clips10 måneder siden
  • i took dembele too

    Seba BaneSeba Bane10 måneder siden
  • Demeble ofc ...

    Talha AnsariTalha Ansari10 måneder siden
  • When is the free pack coming

    Matt ChapmanMatt Chapman10 måneder siden
  • I voted saint maximin🐐

    George KellettGeorge Kellett10 måneder siden
  • Wow dembele might just win but maximin would be better

    Chancellor PalpatineChancellor Palpatine10 måneder siden
  • I voted Meunier, because I'm from Belgium

    Jens BruyninckxJens Bruyninckx10 måneder siden
  • Please everyone vote maxi

    NUFC ReviewsNUFC Reviews10 måneder siden
  • Nep on every player : put a engine on him and he will be a great secondary cdm

    Dr AnimalDr Animal10 måneder siden
  • probably no one because i no longer have the game installed

    Abel HernandezAbel Hernandez10 måneder siden
  • Any of them fits into are team

    KyeKye10 måneder siden
  • I'll vote for saint all the way

    RUA BLITZRUA BLITZ10 måneder siden
    • Sub to RUA_BLITZ

      RUA BLITZRUA BLITZ10 måneder siden
    • 🤮🤮🤮

      Tojil SosaTojil Sosa10 måneder siden
  • will have to be dembele.. Common man sees Barcelona..Highest rated

    dan coledan cole10 måneder siden
  • dembele

    Josh RoubinJosh Roubin10 måneder siden
  • Why is it always french players

    Dominic SmithDominic Smith10 måneder siden
  • Would love to get Saint Maximin at RW, but at striker he's just another end-game PL striker... Aguero, Moura, Richarlison, Ings, Vardy... I think this position is deep enough.

    C NC N10 måneder siden
  • Sarr or Kimpembe?

    SAFCtillwedieSAFCtillwedie10 måneder siden