19. april. 2021
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, we discuss the possibility that in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team the Super League Football Clubs are removed from FIFA 22.
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  • Messi and ronaldo need to say something about this

    Pacy FodenPacy Foden26 dager siden
    • @Jake Lane that's exactly what I am saying they but they haven't said shit yet which Is pathetic when they perfectly know what's going on

      Stevn DjStevn Dj25 dager siden
    • @Alex Partridge they can threaten to leave

      Jake LaneJake Lane25 dager siden
    • @Stevn Dj they do have a say 😂, they can pressure the board by threatening to leave

      Jake LaneJake Lane25 dager siden
    • U idiot! Ronaldo left Man U when they won the PL 3-peat and went to 2 consecutive UCL finals (winning 1 of them). He left Real at a high! He won a UCL 3-peat! He could’ve won more if he stayed. He would’ve had more Ballon’Dors and maybe another UCL if he stayed! 100% would’ve won the 2018 Ballon D’or if he stayed. Do some research next time before spreading bull****!

      Kevin Dos SantosKevin Dos Santos26 dager siden
    • @Alex Partridge they re the 2 most popular and powerful football players what they say could lead other players to follow

      Stevn DjStevn Dj26 dager siden
  • So are they gonna get banned from fifa

    LiehunenLiehunen15 dager siden
  • What super league teams?

    P1GGYG4MERP1GGYG4MER23 dager siden
  • Nep spot on! Says: “there’s no point debating until we know more” day chelsea and Man City pull out

    louis warwicklouis warwick25 dager siden
  • I dont think that this is the biggest issue right now Nep. Football in general is in danger.

    Shico nationShico nation25 dager siden
  • Lol 😆 that will make ppl buy PES 🤣 😂 😅

    saeeddeanablesaeeddeanable25 dager siden
  • Lessi or Pessi!!!!!

    Marian-Alexandru LazaMarian-Alexandru Laza25 dager siden
  • If fifa don't address this and get by the fans either today or 2moro at 6 and I'm seeing it being today cause there was an update today when it should have been Thursday morning

    Average nameAverage name25 dager siden
  • I am super happy that PSG took a stand, but we all know is about there own interest first, as they own bien sports

    E AE A25 dager siden
  • Money doesn’t win championships look all these super powers they all choke under pressure

    E AE A25 dager siden
  • Bayern will not join the Super League

    Edvin LandgrenEdvin Landgren25 dager siden
  • I get nakata pires and giggs in prime icon pick but I would buy packs just to support fifa, that's how much I hate super league

    Victor MaVictor Ma25 dager siden
  • If Nike, Adidas etc say they will pull sponsorships from these teams it would be stopped in an instant.

    Luke AndersonLuke Anderson25 dager siden
  • Good lad I’m a Manchester Utd fan but I will become a reading fan of this happens

    Oliver FordOliver Ford25 dager siden
  • Honestly I don't know of this would be bad... it would certainly be more entertaining... and im sure that the other teams that are not in it will also benefit from this...

    Dimas AvilaDimas Avila25 dager siden
  • It would help if he stuck to the facts though instead of adding to the rumour mill. No German team has or will sign up to the ESL so Nep speculating on Bayern and Dortmund is simply incorrect and adding to the problem

    Chris AthertonChris Atherton25 dager siden
  • #CancelESL

    Ian DeeleyIan Deeley25 dager siden
  • Some say that the 3 teams would be ajax benfica and marsielle or another french team like monaco

    Dr AnimalDr Animal25 dager siden
  • If the Super League comes also in Fifa. Then we will get a Problem. The best Players will Link to each other. There will be just Super League teambuilder.

    Huge JokerHuge Joker25 dager siden
  • Can't see any team getting kick from fifa for a few years yet. The super league doesn't start up until 2025 i think. If it does then we have a different football game and hopefully it be better than thr shit EA has been putting out on fifa for the last 4 years

    DeeDoe82DeeDoe8225 dager siden
  • I am totally with you. Also an Arsenal fan, and I would rather start again than go with them to this bullshit cash grab league

    ZodiacalBench 55ZodiacalBench 5525 dager siden
  • Bayarn won’t join the super league as they’ve made an outwards statement in opposition to the super league

    Danny PhantomDanny Phantom25 dager siden
  • who else is gonna stop watching football

    SSLSSL25 dager siden
  • Boys it's ok Boris Johnson has expressed his feelings

    Zvi ReubenZvi Reuben25 dager siden
  • Echte Liebe BVB

    Ambrus RolandAmbrus Roland25 dager siden
  • bum

    klaasklaas25 dager siden
  • If the 'biggest players' in fifa were not in fifa 22 I believe we would see big upgrades to make players like Jamie vardy 90 rated

    ITZJKITZJK25 dager siden
  • I think the complete concept of super league is an absolute disgrace. All the twelve clubs being part of the founders should be ashamed. Something that extremely frustrates me about this video is that one of the few clubs nepenthez put in the thumbnail is Bayern and another one is psg. Although I don't like any of those two they didn't sign in to be one of the twelve founders. Why do you put them in the thumbnail?! At least currently they aren't part of the super League as far as I know. For Dortmund and Bayern I read an article that they won't join. And even if they do I don't think it's the right thing to put Bayern and psg in the thumbnail even though they aren't part of the first twelve that started all this bs

    Golo MannGolo Mann25 dager siden
  • Look forward to seeing the Bournemouth livery all over your account 😂

    Bede BarrieBede Barrie26 dager siden
  • Remove the Bayern Badge from the tumbnail!!

    Nikolas KunterbuntNikolas Kunterbunt26 dager siden
  • Stand up against power houses but cant stand against E-A? hypocrites

    googleforcedmetocreateachannelgoogleforcedmetocreateachannel26 dager siden
  • Footballing pyramid where EA gets all the rights and the people complaining about the super league are the same one’s that have done absolutely nothing to fix it.

    googleforcedmetocreateachannelgoogleforcedmetocreateachannel26 dager siden
  • For me is a good thing

    kh6kh626 dager siden
  • Happiness Can't Be Buy!

    jakobelgen2jakobelgen226 dager siden
  • No way do you live in Bournemouth nep?

    Billy McneillyBilly Mcneilly26 dager siden
  • Imagine Ronaldo and Messi as in Icon next fifa that would be mad there clubs will not be in game nor there team so imagine if EA made them as early icons

    ToxicOverLoad fuentesToxicOverLoad fuentes26 dager siden
  • Fine all of them.

    Judas3rdJudas3rd26 dager siden
  • People's anger is misdirected. They're mad at super league, when it's the antiquated leeching governing bodies who are trying to keep hold of their cash cows by threatened bans. It's not the super league threatening to ruin domestic leagues and international play, it's uefa and fifa and they're only doing so bc they're losing money. All the super league is and was designed for was to replace the champions league.

    Garret SlusherGarret Slusher26 dager siden
  • I’d rather fifa remain shit and have football as we know it. I don’t want a shit super league to force change in fifa , I play fifa but football is life .

    Night TimeNight Time26 dager siden
  • As a Newcastle fan this might make FIFA more enjoyable. Can't wait to pay 2 million coins for a 95 rated Joelinton.

    Chippsy McStaggerChippsy McStagger26 dager siden
  • You are amazing nep thank you for making this video I was really interested about what you think on all of this situation

    yakir dviryakir dvir26 dager siden
  • It’s obvious that fifa 22 ain’t going to have the super league teams and players because fifa said they are going to be banned from there competitions

    Jj 530Jj 53026 dager siden
  • If the ESL happens, I won't be happy. As you said though Nep, Maybe a new game might spring from this. It's another way for these proposed ESL teams to gain revenue. Always wondered what a studio like 2K would do with a football game.

    Switch It with DCSwitch It with DC26 dager siden
  • Will that leeds Brazil RM get a upgrade now

    Taktic121Taktic12126 dager siden
  • Obv we are all against Super League, but just say it made it’s way into fifa, imagine how expensive the league sbc would be

    JimmyGigJimmyGig26 dager siden
  • New hair nep! Looking good bro!

    Maxshane711Maxshane71126 dager siden
  • NepenthenZ, I think with an engine chem style could be a usable player..

    DonniDon ChampionDonniDon Champion26 dager siden
  • Mate your playing a football game stop chatting like it's got anything to do with what's actually happening in football, stick n to the game and leave the real football to the the people involved! Your repeating v what you've heard actual pundits saying!

    Riff HunterRiff Hunter26 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that feels like the super league would be great to watch. I understand the whole climbing the ranks and everything, but let's be honest, it's the same teams winning every year in every league. I say let the juggernauts battle for the best. In America we have majors and minors, pro and college, etc. In order to be at the top you have to beat the best

    Michael LedbetterMichael Ledbetter26 dager siden
  • It’s just sad, really really, sad. The beautiful game is being ruined.

    lotsirblotsirb26 dager siden
  • All u care about is Fifa ahaha not about solving the situation

    Sami Al-MallakSami Al-Mallak26 dager siden
  • Clubs betraying their fans, owners stuffing their pockets, domestic leagues being ruined, international competition being destroyed, all well and good, but if we get another Piemonte Calcio that's the death of the sport as we know it...

    AustrianCitizenAustrianCitizen26 dager siden
  • Like a ginger Gary Neville there Nep

    DanDan26 dager siden
  • Your hair bro. 😆awful !

    Andrew CarvajalAndrew Carvajal26 dager siden
  • lol says he wont upload until some factual information comes out, here is with a video

    Matthew BeauchampMatthew Beauchamp26 dager siden
  • I support Liverpool, but like yourself will support Bournemouth (local team) if Liverpool leave. I support English football. British people support British teams for a reason. How often do you see a English lad supporting Barca?

    Jammiedog3699Jammiedog369926 dager siden
  • German soccer is guided by a 200-page rulebook with precise stipulations on liquidity and debt, among many other things. Perhaps the most important rule: Clubs must demonstrate that they expect to at least break even or they are denied a license to practice professional soccer. Imagine if EPL or La Liga teams were held to the same standard? German league is the only league running in a positive or even balance sheet.... no debt

    Amancio VerissimoAmancio Verissimo26 dager siden
  • People who play FIFA have no illusions about the power of money.

    UKRSHEVUKRSHEV26 dager siden
  • Don’t put Bayern in the thumbnail, they said no to the super league

    Finn WittbrockFinn Wittbrock26 dager siden
  • Can somebody help me. I do not see a problem with the super league. They will still be in the domestic league.

    Max CousinsMax Cousins26 dager siden
  • Nothing ever EVER will change the ultimate team, as long as ea make money they don’t give a shit about the players, Just like the big clubs will make money so don’t give a shit about the fans

    Neil WalkerNeil Walker26 dager siden
  • Shouldn't be kicked out of champions league regardless they entered the tournament before all this came about so should be played and removed from the next season

    Scott BuntingScott Bunting26 dager siden
  • mm Monke go oo oo ah ah

    Yurrr YurrYurrr Yurr26 dager siden
  • Pes and super league collaboration incoming lmao

    Ryan DangRyan Dang26 dager siden
  • Fair play nep, respect your opinion on changing clubs, thank god I’m a Leeds fan not in this mess

    Will SowrayWill Sowray26 dager siden
  • We need to not blaim the staff,players and the club. It’s the owners resonsability

    Peder Gysland HenstenPeder Gysland Hensten26 dager siden
  • Nep, Dortmund and Bayern have refused this. Both the Bayern and Dortmund presidents said this. As for psg I’m not 100% sure but I read somewhere that they have as well.

    Jules Mateo-NerlichJules Mateo-Nerlich26 dager siden
  • ESPN made a video about seeing a super league in the future 3 years ago

    LeedsUnited 1919LeedsUnited 191926 dager siden
  • Imagine winning every game winning the league by 20 points n then u lose the play off shit

    ludacrisbellludacrisbell26 dager siden
  • Nonsense as ever....

    Nathan KellerNathan Keller26 dager siden
  • Why are Bayern and PSG in the thumbnail when they are not part of the super league nonsense?

    YeahCoolManYeahCoolMan26 dager siden
  • This is poor. Condemn before it’s too late. Where has 17 teams come from? Bayern PSG And Dortmund have said no. Very poor.

    Ross MoynihanRoss Moynihan26 dager siden
  • Big respect from man united fan 🖤♥️ ( till they join super league actually) and i prefer to support any team which plays for fun and for the game rather than a team is going to play for money.

    Seregor MhdSeregor Mhd26 dager siden
  • lol way too early for fifa 22 talk

    Matip El MatipMatip El Matip26 dager siden
  • Hope Nep knows that in this case we need his opinion as a football fan, not a fifa player

    GeorgeGeorge26 dager siden
  • no Varan no Mendy? im dream?

    Paulo KuhanPaulo Kuhan26 dager siden
  • Can’t wait for leonard messiah

    awoop oupawoop oup26 dager siden
  • Take it easy no one has died. FIFA and UEFA needs a kick up the ass.. corrupt to the core..

    M KM K26 dager siden
  • Nep I’m pretty sure it’s well reported that due to BVB and Bayern Munich’s ownership model it’s been decided that they aren’t going to be in the ESL as far as I’m aware.

    WilltrWilltr26 dager siden
  • the only people that can stop this are the players

    Matthias ParryMatthias Parry26 dager siden
  • Respect Nep! I wouldnt support my team either, but we will support you!

    anon useranon user26 dager siden

    cian egancian egan26 dager siden
  • Nepenthez, you need to go in the politics.

    Navy Seals Team XNavy Seals Team X26 dager siden
  • I don’t think if FIFA is booting teams out of leagues that they would be cool with them being in their game.

    RobFut 99RobFut 9926 dager siden
  • For everyone at first this seemed like a terrible idea. After a 6 hour discussion I have completely turned my viewpoint and am excited for the super league. I encourage people to have discussions and not only look at this as all doom and gloom.

    UnitedtunicUnitedtunic26 dager siden
  • To soon to be worrying about a video game

    cormgolfcormgolf26 dager siden
  • The super league is meant to start august 2021 not 23/24 season

    JDJD26 dager siden
  • Disgraceful for put Bayern and PSG in the thumbnail

    nice mannice man26 dager siden
  • With you Neppo, I'm a die hard Milan fan for years. I'll burn my kits and flags if this goes through. I will absolutely boycott this super league, even if it means not supporting MY team anymore. Some things are bigger.

    Connor BrooksConnor Brooks26 dager siden
  • Join the cherries neppo 🍒🍒🍒

    Cannonball 9610Cannonball 961026 dager siden
  • Can’t wait to see Osasuna Vs Getafe fighting for the laliga title

    Lucho AcevedoLucho Acevedo26 dager siden
  • Inter is gonna be internet😂😂😂

    jsjshh jhdbdshjsjshh jhdbdsh26 dager siden
  • Dortmund, bayern and psg came out earlier today saying they wont be involved..

    patrick hughespatrick hughes26 dager siden
  • Ea should put tifos and kits against it so we can all use them to show what we think.

    Adam HindAdam Hind26 dager siden
  • Yeah, teams in closed systems move to different cities for maximum revenue. London only really need 2 teams. Manchester would focus on 1 main team as well as Madrid. This takes away from the roots of the clubs. Imagine Arsenal in Russia, Manchester City competing for the heart of the Dutch, and Atletico moving to an “untapped” market. It’s an absolute shit show. Hell here in the states, the games only get good in the playoffs. The only fun is Fantasy sports and competing against friends. The Browns have been shit for years and even after all the top picks and money spent on players they still suck. It doesn’t matter to them because they will always play NFL and make millions even though they are trash. Plus some “Super teams” can’t even qualify for the Champion League...

    ae Tank_yyteawuae Tank_yyteawu26 dager siden
  • 3:40 - There’s no point circulating rumours 3:50 - There’s been rumours....PSG, Bayern, Dortmund etc. Muppet! Bundesliga rules dictate that Commecial entities are only allowed to own 49% of clubs so that fans have a voice and this sort of thing can’t happen. You said you wanted to wait for the facts, then wait for the facts instead of pouring fuel onto the manure filled bonfire! Normally enjoy your content Nep but you need to get out of those social media echo chambers and form your own opinions. Your a big lad, act like one.

    Chris AthertonChris Atherton26 dager siden
  • From A FIFA point of view. Wouldnt it be great if they have the right for the super league. Youll be able to link the best of the best players no problem. The team of the week would increase big time with top players in it no doubt

    David VelascoDavid Velasco26 dager siden
    • @Bluerascal 100%agree. Being a Man U fan, its heartbreaking seeing them pick money over their history and fans of the club.

      David VelascoDavid Velasco26 dager siden
    • From any other point of view: RIP Football 1863 - 2021

      BluerascalBluerascal26 dager siden
  • Can’t wait to play with Rarcus Mashford next year!! 🤩🤩

    Dimitri ShalleyDimitri Shalley26 dager siden
  • nep I get that your a fifa channel but honestly who cares about fifa 22 at this point in time the only reason of fifas existence is of a result of football. If football dies then fifa dies with it. Its sad to think there are probably people who hold fifa higher up than the actual game

    TheProGamerz 28TheProGamerz 2826 dager siden
  • Literally the only good thing about the super league is that theres a tiny chance that theyre in fifa 22 and link together

    Ewan WaddellEwan Waddell26 dager siden