14. april. 2021
212 008 Ganger

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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  • I submitted mid Alan Shearer to help me with the pack, and got Prime Alan Shearer back. I swear the game hates me.

    Jonah CrosbyJonah Crosby24 dager siden
  • Got a 91 Socrates saw Brazil and cam and was tearing up ready for my king Edson to come home

    Soham DevSoham Dev24 dager siden
  • I got Schweinsteiger

    Wesley ClemonsWesley Clemons25 dager siden
  • 8:40 ahahahahaha

    Henry MoonHenry Moon26 dager siden
  • Best, Butra , campell

    Unbelievable DaveUnbelievable Dave26 dager siden
  • How is xavi not a w

    Lucas LawleyLucas Lawley26 dager siden
  • You people must be stupid if you think EA even included Icons like Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Eusebio etc. in these packs. They just pushed the shit icons in it with maybe few examptions.

    PozerKillerPozerKiller26 dager siden
  • I got stoichkov from the pack W or L?

    Arhan KorkmazArhan Korkmaz26 dager siden
  • Saved fodder just to get prime roy keane which was literally an SBC about a month ago 😊

    Brandon BirksBrandon Birks26 dager siden
  • Jari Litmanen and two petits 🤮

    William LawsonWilliam Lawson26 dager siden
  • I got Ronaldinho lol

    BrownieCL 06BrownieCL 0626 dager siden
  • Should I literally submit my entire club to do this sbc?

    Wo WWo W27 dager siden
  • Nep=🐐

    Noah GoldmanNoah Goldman27 dager siden
  • That Xavi is amazing

    Nihh NihhNihh Nihh27 dager siden
  • You don't even know how Irish flag looks like - Keane lol. Mate that's embarrassing.🤣

    PozerKillerPozerKiller27 dager siden
  • Essien 😞😞😞😞

    Halish HashimHalish Hashim28 dager siden
  • i got puskas, gattuso and del p

    Dennis TimmermansDennis Timmermans28 dager siden
  • I was going to do it but after this video I might not

    Ryder GatenbyRyder Gatenby28 dager siden
  • Nesta...

    Luis CoutinhoLuis Coutinho28 dager siden
  • Wow mam acc got Kagawa

    M RMM RM28 dager siden
  • Prime nepenthez in this video 😂

    jay mistryjay mistry28 dager siden
  • I think it's fair to say we all share that collective groan when the Finland flag appears from any icon pack 🙄🤦‍♂️

    Russ WilliamsRuss Williams28 dager siden
  • Thought about playing Fifa again.. see those Teams and didnt want anymore xD

    TorbenHaltTorbenHalt29 dager siden
  • Great vid nep, i did three and got shearer, shearer then cantona

    William GittinsWilliam Gittins29 dager siden
  • is makelele a w or an l?

    vic vic cvic vic c29 dager siden
  • I put my whole club in but got prime mattheus

    Cathal DarcyCathal Darcy29 dager siden
  • 5:40 mans disrespecting the router smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    JakeRuss 05JakeRuss 0529 dager siden
  • campbell w or l

    Adam SelleyAdam Selley29 dager siden
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    yantie novirayantie novira29 dager siden
  • Got Drogba

    MrPezer87MrPezer8729 dager siden
  • I did one Icon pack and got Gerrard, coupled with how laggy todays gameplay was I decided to just sell my team and do 4 Icon packs and then delete the game after I packed nothing. The second Icon was Owen, solidifying my reasons for leaving the game, opened the third one and Packed R9, I'm still in shock right now and can't believe I packed him. Guess EA doesn't want me to leave the game.

    Artemis LannisterArtemis Lannister29 dager siden
  • I got Raúl. Not a banger, but i like him a lot🤙🤙

    Dániel VargaDániel Varga29 dager siden
  • I got dessaily

    david ramdavid ram29 dager siden
  • Good thing i didn't watch this video earlier, i got cole and Vieira

    Tijan BochlTijan Bochl29 dager siden
  • I got Maradona and as i was doing roulete, when i saw it i thought i had 2 loans. Wish you guys the best of luck too

    arielariel29 dager siden
  • i can see my socrates 91 prime from my first icon pack ever is not.so bad but when i saw brazil and CAM could be kaka, pele or ronaldinho...so i got the worst from.the bests:) good.luck guys!

    JCB DRIVERJCB DRIVER29 dager siden
  • I got Petit, w or l?

    Ewan JacksonEwan Jackson29 dager siden
  • Got veron Just glad I didn’t get nakata or litmanen lol

    Kamraan NizamKamraan Nizam29 dager siden
  • Got Raul then vidic

    Neil WalkerNeil Walker29 dager siden
  • I got basti schwein 😩😩

    Andy DayAndy Day29 dager siden
  • I got cannavaro and Campbell

    Ouge LiuOuge Liu29 dager siden
  • i got prime 94 puskas

    Savage FortniteSavage Fortnite29 dager siden
  • I got viera and daglish

    Madyn PatelMadyn Patel29 dager siden
  • I got Hagi

    Luke LioneLuke Lione29 dager siden
  • Got prime kaka check : King jc 714 to see me packing him

    JC 714JC 71429 dager siden
  • I got Bastian Schweinsteiger... is it good?

    Andy BlanaruAndy Blanaru29 dager siden
  • 89 Ian Wright I was nearly sick

    Ryan KnightRyan Knight29 dager siden
  • Boss I got the Japan flag I’m done with this game it’s for the better 🤦‍♂️

    Robert PerezRobert PerezMåned siden
  • Nep: How has Kagawa got an icon card 😂😂

    Ronaldo YoungRonaldo YoungMåned siden
  • Nep: France EA: Pires 😩

    Ronaldo YoungRonaldo YoungMåned siden
  • Packed Pep Guardiola :(

    Josh RodriguesJosh RodriguesMåned siden
  • How you gonna put down the router xavi smh

    Dead IncDead IncMåned siden
  • I got 98 Peleeeee,i was shockeeed

    BerbaaBerbaaMåned siden
  • Got litmanen kill me

    Matthew FitzgeraldMatthew FitzgeraldMåned siden
  • I got puskas lol huge dub

    Ross MordauntRoss MordauntMåned siden
  • I feel so fortunate to have gotten Essien, seems like the weight in these was awful

    Official FleerOfficial FleerMåned siden
  • Got stoichkhov. Such a beast

    Gledi TopiGledi TopiMåned siden
  • Xavi is good wat is ur problem

    showdel adamsshowdel adamsMåned siden
  • I got a cheeky Thierry henry

    MrRanger_TTVMrRanger_TTVMåned siden
  • I got van basten and zola 😒

    DM96 DM96DM96 DM96Måned siden
  • I done one last night at 1 am and packed Cantona I was mad cause I couldn't even celebrate properly

    tinymushroom 678tinymushroom 678Måned siden
  • Robert Pires ...

    KleineRikKleineRikMåned siden
  • Puskas

    ahmed ibrshimahmed ibrshimMåned siden
  • Music ??? Please somebody !!

    Adiko SarkoviAdiko SarkoviMåned siden

    futfadesfutfadesMåned siden
  • What's the name of this song!?

    ilyas abdiilyas abdiMåned siden
  • 9:06

    Raheem HaydenRaheem HaydenMåned siden
    • 😂

      Raheem HaydenRaheem HaydenMåned siden
  • How is Xavi 93 rated? There are silvers with similar stats that are 74 rated

    OllieSuttonOllieSuttonMåned siden
  • I was going to do this SBC but this video convinced me otherwise.

    SinfulSinfulMåned siden
  • big thierry and that is the best for an arsenal fan🤯

    Adam MclaughlinAdam MclaughlinMåned siden
  • done 2 on my account and i’ve got essien and viera after watching this i’ve realised how blessed i am

    jake collierjake collierMåned siden
  • Think this shows us ea really didn't wanna give us icon packs ... Absolutely rigged beyond belief.

    Adam MoloneyAdam MoloneyMåned siden
  • Man got prime R9 😌

    cooooolkid9000cooooolkid9000Måned siden
  • Bruh I pack pele leshhhhh gooooooo

    Magi JakkMagi JakkMåned siden
  • I just packed kaka 91😍😍😍

    Ali AbadiAli AbadiMåned siden
  • prime matthaus

    Pritu RajPritu RajMåned siden
  • Spend all my cards and got 89 whrigt!! Enserio....

    Atis ŠteinbergsAtis ŠteinbergsMåned siden
  • I got 94 puskas. I didn't realise it was good until I saw the other options...

    Ben OckrimBen OckrimMåned siden
  • I got puskas 😍

    Bradley LofthouseBradley LofthouseMåned siden
  • I swear nep is losing his mind from playing fifa everyday

    Naveed SyedNaveed SyedMåned siden
  • Having a poo rn

    Fionn DFionn DMåned siden
  • Did he actually say "it's pain" when he got Xavi, one of the greatest midfielders off alltime?

    Simen PedersenSimen PedersenMåned siden
    • IRL and FIFA are different

      geordie boygeordie boyMåned siden
  • roberto carlos. W/L?

    Cory BennettCory BennettMåned siden
  • "put your thumb down Dennis!" what a laugh

    Jeremy MycroftJeremy MycroftMåned siden
  • Giggs for me 😢

    Rob ByfordRob ByfordMåned siden
  • After all these what if and birthday promo's I'm cleaned out...

    Erwin RoossienErwin RoossienMåned siden
  • I got prime maradona , happy dayss

    Hadi HadiHadi HadiMåned siden
  • When are they gonna learn that Ireland is not Ivory coast..

    isak nilssonisak nilssonMåned siden
  • Do not do this pack

    Abdullahi WarsameAbdullahi WarsameMåned siden
  • I did two and got Eto and Guardiola so I’d say thats a win

    Josh LongJosh LongMåned siden
  • F****** Nedved for me 🙄

    Link 115Link 115Måned siden
  • etooooooooooooo!

    The AlchemistThe AlchemistMåned siden
  • Trezeguet

    aser aceraser acerMåned siden
  • I got laudrup...

    Mason AdlerMason AdlerMåned siden
  • I did 3, and got Gattuso, Barnes and Nedved (and I have PIM Nedved already) these absolutely suck

    Jack AndrewsJack AndrewsMåned siden
  • These are so trash. Why didn’t they at least release prime or moments. It’s nearly may

    Rayzzeerr FireRayzzeerr FireMåned siden
  • 11:45 how he just gonna ignore that insane team

    Haaris MirzaHaaris MirzaMåned siden
  • I’ve done 5 icon packs and got 750k worth of players in total 😞

    Jammy FnJammy FnMåned siden
  • so glad I'm away this week so the pack doesn't tempt me

    Diego HodkinsonDiego HodkinsonMåned siden
  • Petit

    JoshJoshMåned siden