29. april. 2021
143 128 Ganger

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  • 0:04 *”this is the thing u need.” **fifa21.buzz* *”Am I right?”* *垃圾。Lord*

    Jake WilliamsJake Williams2 dager siden
  • "2:39" In my view the real one is this fert.best We use it always 垃圾。

    Guadalupe StrackeGuadalupe Stracke2 dager siden
  • Why did I nearly have a heart attack thinking it was Thursday and that I haven’t done my rivals matches

    JRayC2002JRayC200210 dager siden
  • Pim

    Noah CookNoah Cook13 dager siden
  • This game is becoming extremely frustrating. My input lag makes me lose games. I wish ea would fix this shit game

    Jose TapiaJose Tapia15 dager siden
  • You don't react to big boys it makes me feel like the Harvey Barnes I packed is irrelevant

    Salman KhalidSalman Khalid15 dager siden
  • i got barnes and wan bisakka from gold 3

    12345678912345678915 dager siden
  • Does someone know why did he oppen the packs on the webapp ??

    Hamza BettachHamza Bettach15 dager siden
  • Me with Barnes from silver 1

    Henry BullenHenry Bullen15 dager siden
  • I got barnes from silver 1

    Ben RadcliffeBen Radcliffe15 dager siden
  • packing alaba is actually impossible

    Dylan RodriguezDylan Rodriguez16 dager siden
  • It seems like everything is somewhat common except for Val Verde and alaba, out of my friend group that all got gold 3 the lowest priced card someone got as there best card in picks was Bailey

    Will TennantWill Tennant16 dager siden
  • Gold 3 I got Ndombele and Nkunku in red picks. W

    The MLG BearThe MLG Bear16 dager siden
  • 15 players is loads better, means you dont get the rubbish 86/87 picks all the time. Guarenteed 2 great players with gold 2

    Tom SmithTom Smith16 dager siden
  • I actually got Valverde from silver 1

    Dimadides FIFADimadides FIFA16 dager siden
  • Talked about trading 😂he was trying to sell Casemiro for 120k when max 65k

    djmorley718djmorley71816 dager siden
  • G3 got barnes and nkunku

    Cheslin CupidoCheslin Cupido16 dager siden
  • I like how everyone thinks Edouard is good when he's not

    Sam GamingSam Gaming16 dager siden
  • I picked Aarons over tagliafico on my first pick, because I have sarr and just did digne, and then they gave me ndombele on the next one. Kinda stoked for gold 3

    The 90's Time MachineThe 90's Time Machine16 dager siden
  • I use the paulinho fut birthday he is amazing!!🙌🏼🙌🏼

    Sidemen ClipzzSidemen Clipzz16 dager siden
  • I finished silver 1 and got barns 😂😂

    Mr AceMr Ace16 dager siden
  • Only 90 passing on ndombele nep says😂😂😂 Bruh not everyone needs 99 everything need balance

    Josh MurrellJosh Murrell16 dager siden
  • Does anyone have a stacked ultimate team account I can buy?

    Viktor SwanbergViktor Swanberg16 dager siden
  • Valverde is pronounced "Balberde" with the r longer. In Spanish V is pronounced B

    Promisito - I'll take you on a journeyPromisito - I'll take you on a journey16 dager siden
  • Toney and Bailey today. Not too bad

    Dubh DughlasDubh Dughlas16 dager siden
  • Grind? Sounds more like money to me

    Matteo PievaniMatteo Pievani16 dager siden
  • That clarke harris donny didn't play great for me

    Daniel Moura de AndradeDaniel Moura de Andrade16 dager siden
  • Pissflaps

    George CatGeorge Cat16 dager siden
  • Great vid Daddy Nep 👍🏼

    T-BoneT-Bone16 dager siden
    • @Sam Shires yes

      T-BoneT-Bone16 dager siden
    • It was wasn’t it

      Sam ShiresSam Shires16 dager siden
  • this guy is weirdly obsessed with the maestro

    JaredJared16 dager siden
  • Has anyone got any idea when the ake card will be upgraded lmao. Did I dream city won?

    ChrisChris16 dager siden
  • Nep about tagliafico and mukiele: Bit less physical: 4 difference Way more passing: 4 difference

    Demetrius DeMammosDemetrius DeMammos16 dager siden
    • You know that means nothing

      PiterGamesPiterGames16 dager siden
  • Finally, the rewards are worth it

    Alberto StaicuAlberto Staicu16 dager siden
  • That first guy SCREAMS virgin who still lives at home with his parents LMAOOO

    Hayden BaileyHayden Bailey16 dager siden
  • 13:03 joke or not? 😅

    TimTim16 dager siden
  • Got Buendia, Aarons, Edouard and Bailey can finally complete my Rooney links with the Championship lads. Went to price Buendia can’t find him on market

    J PS4J PS416 dager siden
    • Aye I got buendia and edouard, just hoping to god I get good picks for pl next week, not a fan of buendia feels sluggish

      Jonathan BaronJonathan Baron15 dager siden
  • I tried to put the quality up at the start, then realised it was share play crap quality

    SMASHER-UBZSMASHER-UBZ16 dager siden
  • Honestly thought this was a throwback episode

    topdawgtopdawg16 dager siden
  • F in the chat for the Spanish meme guy.

    Dylan BartonDylan Barton16 dager siden
  • I just collected my rewards like 8 hours ago, got my coins but my packs didn't appear in the store . Will ea fix that or did I get fucked over,? Had a duplicate waiting cause it was untradable.

    blue toffeeblue toffee16 dager siden
  • My question is in May; having 2million coins and 100saved packs is to what end??

    ay laday lad16 dager siden
  • Edward wanted to get picked so bad

    Apple boi HazzawazzaApple boi Hazzawazza16 dager siden
  • Dude no1 get pim Butra , dude no2 get mid Kluivert , dude no1 beat dude no2 2:0 thinks he is fifa god .

    Zoran MitićZoran Mitić16 dager siden
  • The nostalgia to monthly rewards in fifa 18

    Lucas 1507Lucas 150716 dager siden
    • better days

      billbots boysbillbots boys15 dager siden
  • Does anybody know on Xbox if you can do what Nep does and switch between xbox series x and xbox one versions in fifa 21?

    Jack CharlesworthJack Charlesworth16 dager siden
  • I dont find this fair, I'm simply not good enough at this game to get these kind of rewards, so what? I buy fifa points and open packs and hope I get these kind of players?

    Nick WatsonNick Watson16 dager siden
    • I was same boat shit at fifa but just try my best doing fun team as well

      Andrew WrightAndrew Wright16 dager siden
  • Can someone help? Basically in both companion and PS4 it says I can’t go on because it kicks me out. It says “your gut session has been closed on this system as you are already playing on a newer generation system”. I’m on PS4 always have been. Tried restarting etc, nothing. Someone help pls?

    Luke RichLuke Rich16 dager siden
    • @Luke Rich ea support

      Prakhar BansalPrakhar Bansal16 dager siden
    • @Prakhar Bansal what’s the ea thing called again?

      Luke RichLuke Rich16 dager siden
    • contact ea maybe

      Prakhar BansalPrakhar Bansal16 dager siden
  • Loving the multiple videos in one day, can’t get enough of your content right now honestly. Every video motivating me to do better on the quality of my content that I’ve just started producing

    Zero Two TV - FIFA 21Zero Two TV - FIFA 2116 dager siden
  • With neps reaction to the first Harvey Barnes I think it’s fair to say he has some insane rewards on the rtg tonight 😏

    Joshua BylesJoshua Byles16 dager siden
    • @Rebocero304 he’s insane one of the best cards I’ve used

      Aaron HareAaron Hare15 dager siden
    • @Joshua Byles spot on pal 👌🏼

      Keith HardingKeith Harding16 dager siden
    • Fun fact : I got the insane prediction right

      Joshua BylesJoshua Byles16 dager siden
    • @Rebocero304 bro i got barnes in the picks and he’s a goated striker

      Sebastian ParraSebastian Parra16 dager siden
    • I got Harvey Barnes, is he a good card for Fifa 21? I haven’t played much this year till now so I’m not sure whats the Meta for this yesr

      Rebocero304Rebocero30416 dager siden
  • Nepenthreds

    Stephen MundyStephen Mundy16 dager siden
  • Absolutely amazing thumbnail!! Loving the content!!🔥❤️

    Arham MehtaArham Mehta16 dager siden
  • got valverde g3 lol dunno how

    Prestige347Prestige34716 dager siden
  • U are amazing as always shiky navas 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Romio FarragRomio Farrag16 dager siden
  • I got Barnes as well, so ea might of messed up the weight for him

    cian _205cian _20516 dager siden
  • 14:45 is the best, your here for that

    Ferris0665Ferris066516 dager siden
  • Man I got Harvey Barnes and Max Aarons off Gold 3 and I'm happy with it! Didn't think they'd be this good or I'd have played the last 6 games last weekend too

    deanish byrnerdeanish byrner16 dager siden
    • It will be rigged next week because the Prem team is in there as per usual BUT if the luck kept it would be unreal 100%

      deanish byrnerdeanish byrner16 dager siden
    • I got Barnes and Bailey from gold 3. My friend got gold 2 and got Areola and Ilicic🤷🏽‍♂️

      Đā 1st5thĐā 1st5th16 dager siden
    • Yeah I got wan bissaka and tagliafico out of gold three they are so sick for some reason. Just hope they are as good next week

      Matt HarrisonMatt Harrison16 dager siden
  • Making me wish I played fit champs

    Brendan CallahanBrendan Callahan16 dager siden
  • Almost at 2 million subs, proud of you Nep

    Maurice MaetMaurice Maet16 dager siden
  • Gold 2 Nkunku and Kean

    O51 MellyO51 Melly16 dager siden
  • It’s sad how good every persons team is

    Oliwier ZwawiakOliwier Zwawiak16 dager siden
    • Sad ? It’s april fam

      aimanaiman16 dager siden
    • how?

      Jacob DaiJacob Dai16 dager siden
  • Catching ppl out with this one .. cheeky little red picks

    Lauren CombsLauren Combs16 dager siden
  • Love it

    Nathan PittsNathan Pitts16 dager siden
  • Gold 2 I got wan bissaka and Bailey

    ShakirShakir16 dager siden
  • Here before he drops an engine on someone

    Arjun S RamArjun S Ram16 dager siden
    • Maestro too

      Orbit ExeOrbit Exe15 dager siden
  • Love your vids Neppo

    William Hardie-CrossWilliam Hardie-Cross16 dager siden
  • Seeing all these and I’m out here Nkunku and Goldson from gold 2😔😔

    SaderzZSaderzZ16 dager siden
    • @Alex Mendoza Mukiele looks like an insane CB

      Maurice MaetMaurice Maet15 dager siden
    • I got Mukiele and Tagliafico from gold 3

      Alex MendozaAlex Mendoza15 dager siden
    • @Đā 1st5th that’s class

      Maurice MaetMaurice Maet16 dager siden
    • I got Ilicic and Tagliafico gold 1 rewards

      R RR R16 dager siden
    • I got Bailey and Barnes gold 3

      Đā 1st5thĐā 1st5th16 dager siden
  • I Got Red aarons dub

    Matteo FranchinaMatteo Franchina16 dager siden
  • rip for the guy who bidded 750 k for mukiele

    Nahiyan MahmudNahiyan Mahmud16 dager siden
    • @Nahiyan Mahmud best way to do it ;)

      Jack FinnianJack Finnian16 dager siden
    • @Alex Kola maybe

      Nahiyan MahmudNahiyan Mahmud16 dager siden
    • Transfering coins most Likely

      Alex KolaAlex Kola16 dager siden
  • Early upload👏

    Aiden 99SKLZAiden 99SKLZ16 dager siden
  • You thought about reviewing people’s teams again? A comparison comparing accounts that have been f2p and accounts that have had money spent on them would be quite interesting considering the change in the rtg

    RICASHAY117RICASHAY11716 dager siden
  • pim

    XDChris69XDChris6916 dager siden
  • Gold 2 mukiele and ndombele

    Christian Phillips RobbinsChristian Phillips Robbins16 dager siden
  • Ain't see you upload at this time in a long time. Nice

    FlareWaverFlareWaver16 dager siden
  • Big up nep monster

    Harry TaylorHarry Taylor16 dager siden
  • Oh hello yah

    coolstufftodocoolstufftodo16 dager siden
  • Wait an upload before 6pm????

    AB7 FifaAB7 Fifa16 dager siden
  • Ait g white g

    Ferris0665Ferris066516 dager siden
  • Digneeeee

    LukeyBarbz99 _LukeyBarbz99 _16 dager siden
  • Cheeky little NEP after school

    GodGod16 dager siden
  • nice

    Milan OttMilan Ott16 dager siden
  • nice to see you still in it nepenthez has been a while since i watched. cant believe you still play fifa respect

    bart burgbart burg16 dager siden
  • whhhaaaa

    Oetam VillacortaOetam Villacorta16 dager siden
  • This just felt nostalgic for some reason

    Aum PatelAum Patel16 dager siden
    • @Xrows real gnarly

      lotsirblotsirb16 dager siden
    • Fr broskii rad dude

      XrowsXrows16 dager siden
    • Fr

      EarthpancakeEarthpancake16 dager siden
    • Felt like I clicked on a fifa 19 video

      lotsirblotsirb16 dager siden
    • It’s because it’s been toooooo long 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

      TheTrueMcLovinTheTrueMcLovin16 dager siden
  • Let’s go

    Freddie RichardsFreddie Richards16 dager siden
  • When ur first and don’t know what to comment

    jzorjadzjzorjadz16 dager siden
  • Wow early upload lad

    krish patelkrish patel16 dager siden
  • ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᴱᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ᵂʰᵒ ᴸᶦᵏᵉ'ˢ ᵀʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᴬⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᵎ.

    AjonnAjonn16 dager siden
    • Imposter from amongus?

      ヤマトヤマト16 dager siden
    • N o b o d y c a r e s

      Harvey MetcalfeHarvey Metcalfe16 dager siden
  • Finally

    James FergusonJames Ferguson16 dager siden
  • first

    Andrew RentAndrew Rent16 dager siden
  • Skrt

    Logan CoxLogan Cox16 dager siden
  • numero uno babyyy

    Jake WilliamsonJake Williamson16 dager siden